The only comedy/one-handed juggler in show business.

DJ_StatlerBrothers.JPG (54403 bytes)
Dale Jones on the Statler Brothers Show

Jones has been seen on:
"PERTZBORN'S PEOPLE" (nationally syndicated)
QVC (Home Shopping Network), and many
other national TV shows.

After performing as a guest on the "STATLER BROTHERS SHOW" (TNN)
the producers said,
"Dale Jones completely blew us away."

As a co-star of the juggling segment of
"CLOWN COLLEGE," a CBS Special on

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey's Clown College,

Jones showed the nation
his innovative one-handed juggling up close during an interview.

Then he really displayed his talent
as the lead juggler in a musical production number.
The production number was so good that it was chosen
to promote the special on another national TV show:

Jones holds a degree in media from
Webster University ('86), and has
been a media ambassador for a number
of major events.  He has been on local
television stations throughout the nation
well over 100 times.

A true media professional, why not let
your viewers (or readers), in on Jones'
ability to make people belly-laugh while
amazing them at the same time?

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