Dale Jones

The first professional one-handed juggler in the world
is a
powerful motivational speaker as well.
Jones talks about what can be accomplished
with undaunted determination.

DJ_StatlerBrothers.JPG (54403 bytes)
"Didn't I tell you, the Statler Bros. are my roadies now."


How ordinary people
are capable of doing things that nobody
has ever done before. Then Jones
drives his point home by showing
he re-invented juggling to make it
easier for someone with only one good hand.

Indeed, by developing a system
that uses a knee and/or foot, in
cooperation with his able left hand,
Jones can keep as many as five
balls in the air for some time.

He tailors his
upbeat message to meet
your company or organization's needs.
And keeps everyone laughing so
hard they are thoroughly entertained as well.


BlueCHOICE asked Jones to write
a program for their 1995 Anti-Drug/Anti-
Alcohol Scholarship Awards Dinner. The
result was a speech called "Hold Your Head Up High."
It explains how to get high on your own achievements
instead of alcohol and other drugs.
The program was a
"monster hit"
and Jones has been performing it in schools ever since.


Jones also does a program on disability awareness.
He has twice performed it for the
U.S. Army,
standing ovations each time.
An excellent program for schools
colleges and corporations, (see listings below)

Jones explains how disabled people
must often
perform at a higher level than
anyone else (applying for the same position)
in order to even be considered for the job.
He tells of the many people throughout history
who have
overcome adversity to achieve success.

But Jones knows the best
way to get any message across is
to keep the audience entertained,
by performing a truly hilarious show.

Dale Jones has hosted everything from
youth talent competitions to circuses
as a ringmaster). He is the originator
and seven time host of the highly popular
"West Port Plaza Street Performer's
Competition and Auditions" (St. Louis,
MO).  Jones keeps a show running
smoothly, and livens it up by telling
jokes, doing impressions and performing
his comedy / juggling.



East Alton School District (IL) *

BlueCross BlueShield of MO *


Rockwood School District (MO)

BlueCHOICE of MO *

Lumbermate Inc (MO)

Parkway School District (MO) *

Building Industry Association of Stark County (OH)

Mallinckrodt Medical (MO)

Hancock School District (MO)

St. Louis University
School of Nursing (MO)

Maritz Inc.

Kirkwood School District (MO) *

U.S. Army Troop Command (MO)*

Quinn Productions (MO)

Hazelwood School District (MO) *

Places For People (MO) *

Spotlight Speaker's Bureau (IN) *

Pattonville School District (MO) *

National TREND Conference *

Red Gold Inc. (IN)

Steeleville High School (IL) Red Bud High School (IL) Waterloo School District (IL)
Prairie Du Rocher School District (IL) Normandy School District (MO) Fox School District (MO)

Additional References Upon Request



Circuses Six Flags St. Louis (MO) * Winn's Thrill Show (TN)
Competition and Auditions (MO) (Annual Event) * West Port Plaza Street Performer's Color Art Conference (MO)
Youth Talent Contest (TN) * Gateway Dance Festival (MO) Cheyenne Frontier Days (WY) (Entertainment Stage)

Plus many more!



"You were great!"..."Your program is the best we've had."
(Paul Cark, Community Relations Specialist; BlueCross BlueShield)

"Our students really enjoyed your presentation.  It was just excellent!"

(Lee Gremal, Wellness Coordinator; Steeleville School District)

"Excellent job.  I could not stop laughing throughout."

(Student Review, Waterloo High School)

"Excellent entertainment, great job,
the best entertainment we've ever
had, are just a few of the many positive
comments I heard after your performance.
You combined humor and juggling to provide our audience with an

inspirational and highly entertaining performance."
(Dave Mathie, Building Industry Association
of Stark County; Program Chairman)

"Dale Jones was just outstanding.  The
comments from those in attendance were
all very positive."

(Steve Smith, Agriculture Manager;
Red Gold Inc.)

"Thanks again for the tremendous
program. They loved you! You have
been blessed with a wonderful talent.
Thank you for sharing your positive
attitude with our kids."

(Kathy Welsh, Partners in Education;
Rockwood School District)

"There is no doubt that you were a
tremendous hit among both children
and adults at our TREND leadership
training on Saturday. Your great talent,
message, and personality make a winning
combination that we are very proud to
present and promote."

(Ginny Shaller, TREND Coordinator;
National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse)

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